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Wings Rainjacket -  A timeless Icon

Wings Rainjacket - A timeless Icon


This Tretorn classic represents the company's long history of durable and quality products. The Wings rain jacket is an iconic model inspired by the Wings boot from the 1960s. Made with the utmost care, this rain jacket offers both protection and an elegant design. The elegant design is often associated with Scandinavian fashion and its focus on function and style. The Wings rain jacket is a rain garment that carries on our tradition, keeping generation after generation dry and warm.

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Discover the Tretorn Wings rainjacket - an iconic and functional jacket for all weather conditions! The rain jacket is equipped with plastic press studs on the front, pockets and sleeve ends and a drawstring in the hood that makes the jacket adjustable and allows for extra protection against rain. The two slanted pockets on either side are deep and offer plenty of storage.

The rain jacket is made with heat-welded seams which is a method used to make clothing waterproof by preventing water penetration inside the seams. On top of the jacket's high quality polyester we have added a PU coating. PU stands for polyurethane, and a coating of this material can be added to the surface of polyester to increase waterproofing and provide extra protection against rain and moisture. The PU coating can improve the performance of the rain jacket by making it more water repellent and durable in humid conditions. This allows the jacket to be waterproof up to a water column of 8000 mm, which is suitable for rain jackets designed for heavy downpours. This level of waterproofing allows the Wings rain jacket to cope with different weather conditions and keep the wearer dry in exceptional rainy conditions.

With sustainability in focus, the jacket is made from high quality materials, including 100% polyester with PU coating. The material is PVC-free and fluorocarbon-free. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a type of plastic and fluorocarbons a group of chemicals used in various industrial applications. PVC and fluorocarbons are harmful to the environment and human health. Avoiding these substances is part of efforts to reduce environmental impact and create more sustainable products.

Designed as a unisex model and available in both men's and women's sizes, the Wings rain jacket is made for everyone. Big and small.


The Tretorn Wings rain jacket gives you a reason to want to dance in the rain. It could be on the way home from work/school or an outdoor workout. With this reliable companion, storms become a possibility. Fishing, cycling and hiking are no longer activities designed for sunshine. We invite you to discover the freedom of exploring the nature around you with comfort and confidence, no matter what the weather has to offer.

The Tretorn Wings rain jacket is not only a dressy style icon but a key to hassle-free outdoor experience.

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